Title Category Release Date
December 6th - Day of Remembrance 2019 General Membership Memos
OSSTF One Day Strike Wednesday, December 4, 2019 Correspondence
ETFO Provincial Constitution, By-Laws and Annual Meeting Resolution General Membership Memos
Inclement Weather Memo Nov 22, 2019 Correspondence
Remembrance Day Memo Other
Parent and Teacher Interviews - November 15, 2019 General Membership Memos
ETFO Local Strike Vote Results - Oct 24, 2019 Collective Bargaining/Agreement
Local Strike Vote Memorandum - October 23, 2019 Collective Bargaining/Agreement
Red Thursday October 24, 2019 Correspondence
Dysfunctional Progress Report Card Program - Oct. 22, 2019 Correspondence
Reminder Urgent All Member Meeting - Strike Vote Correspondence
Federal Election 2019 Other
Preliminary Submission Vote Result Collective Bargaining/Agreement
All Member Meeting - Strike Vote - Thursday, October 24, 2019 Collective Bargaining/Agreement
CUPE Tentative Agreement General Membership Memos
All Member Meeting - Strike Votes - Thursday, October 24, 2019 Collective Bargaining/Agreement
Professional Judgement and Diagnostic Assessment - Oct 2019 General Membership Memos
CUPE Strike October 7, 2019 Collective Bargaining/Agreement
CUPE Information Pickets General Membership Memos
Brightspace PD Day Memo Sept 30 2019 General Membership Memos
Communiqué - Possible CUPE Job Action - Sept 26, 2019 Collective Bargaining/Agreement, Other
Non-Released Executive Elections Results Sept 2019 General Membership Memos
Changes to Disability Management Memo Sept 20, 2019 General Membership Memos
CUPE September 23, 2019 General Membership Memos
Brightspace Learning Management System General Membership Memos