Membership Programs

TELUS - ETFO Members Purchase Plan 

Here’s a link to place orders online. TELUS EMPLOYEE PLAN ORDER SITE

Best offers – NEW TO TELUS OR ACTIVATING/ADDING A NEW LINE? Receive an additional $5 Off Your Rate Plan Cost and a $120 Bill credit. (Applied to any plan as $5 monthly credit for 24 months)

Offer 4)  $60.00 Unlimited Data Plan with 25GB of Data and the Samsung S21FE 128GB for only $0 per month with the Bring it Back Program. (Total monthly $60.00 plus tax)

More Offers:

  • Add a Watch or Tablet for $10.00 per Month to share the Data with your Phone
  • NEW! $22.50 Talk and Text Plan or $27 Talk and Text with 1GB of Data
  • Telus Smart Home Security. See Page 5 for More Details (Bundle with your Cell Phone and save up to $15 per month)


Rogers - TVDSB Employee Phone Plan

Columbia Sportswear Employee Store - Invite 

  • None at this time.